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Nine Weeks

My baby bunny Jackie passed away early this morning.

Jackie (right). Last picture of her July 10 2014.

Jackie (right). Last picture of her July 10 2014.

Jackie is a victim of animal testing. On May 07 2014 I was able to go rescue her from a laboratory on behalf of Beagle Freedom Project. We rescued seven bunnies in total. I was told they were only a month old and had already been used for some experiments.

Jackie was the smallest of the seven and she had a little head tilt and her ears weren’t quite right, she would sometimes flop over and would have a little trouble getting up. They said they almost euthanized her but she was eating well and flopping over less frequently.

I decided to adopt Marilyn and Jackie. BFP’s original story of the rescue is here: ryanm.co/mj

Two of the seven passed away about a month ago. I was always worried about Jackie but she was growing and seemed to be overcoming what she went through. The last two weeks she seemed to have lost her head tilt and her ears were mostly normal. I was beginning to feel confident that she would live a long, normal life.

Yesterday I noticed it didn’t seem like I needed to refill their food dish as much as usual and then last night I noticed some very small poop. In the early morning hours a single cry woke me up – I assumed it was one of my cats but they seemed to be asleep and startled by the sound. I figured it must have been a neighbors cat and went back to sleep. When I woke up Jackie was gone.

Jackie had nine weeks in a loving home. She ate well. She played. She binky’d. She was a cuddle bunny with her sister Marilyn.

I’m sad and I’m angry.

Please don’t support the companies that test on animals. Download our Cruelty Cutter app: cruelty-cutter.org

photo 4

May 08 2014

photo 2

June 28 2014

photo 3

June 28 2014

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Water shortages and drought. The solution is pretty simple. The problem isn’t showering, flushing the toilet and washing your car. The problem is eating animals. Reporters and organizations please report the real problem and solution!


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Reporters Please Report!

10374966_929723333720487_945854986716334393_nWhen you report on a study or research that involves animals please give the full story. Don’t just report on what researchers hope to learn and what is interesting about the study.

Also report the cost of these studies. Why alternatives to animals aren’t used. Who is paying for this research. How many animals are used, what species are used, and what happens to them during the experiments. And what happens to the animals when they study is complete. Please report the truth and give the full story.

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Learn more and help: ryanm.co/bfp

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Avon Tests On Animals!

The companies that test on animals don’t just put “yes, we test on animals” on their website. Instead they feed you their public relations spin and talk about all the good they do for animals, the environment and how charitable they are. They state that animal testing only represents “one percent” of their trials or that they only conduct animal tests “where required by law”.

Avon Tests

Avon is an example of this. Avon reps will tell you that Avon does not test on animals. The truth can be found on Avon’s website: “Some products may be required by law in a few countries to undergo additional safety testing, including animal testing.”

Like many other companies Avon puts money before the animals. Avon chooses to reap the profits by selling their products in the small minority of countries that require animal testing. The companies that don’t test on animals do not sell their products in these countries.

Beagle Freedom Project is here to expose the truth about Avon and the others. We have independently verified the companies that test, and those that do not test, on our app: http://cruelty-cutter.org/

Torturing and killing animals part of the time is wrong all of the time.

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Work every day of your life to right what is wrong!

I wrote this is April 2012 and was planning to add to it but never got around to it – so figured I might as well publish it.

Do you do all that you can to help animals, people and the planet every day?

You can rock your Giants gear and promote veganism at the same time! All of the ballparks have vegan options now so I think it’s important that we support them.

Other easy ways to help animals daily:

  • Wear a vegan t-shirt, hoody, necklace or pin – Vegan Clothing is a great source
  • Get a personalized license plate or license plate frame

  • Put bumper stickers on your car, laptop and notebooks
  • Use an animal rights quote in your email signature and include the link to a video
  • Use social media to politely promote the benefits of a vegan diet
  • Set a goal to speak to at least one person each day about veganism
  • Feed your dogs a healthy vegan dog food
  • Show someone a video about the horrors of factory farming or about the health and environmental benefits of living a vegan lifestyle
  • Cook or buy a non-vegan a vegan meal

I’m a walking billboard for animals

Make sure you’ve got it all covered

(PRODUCT)RED is a great way to help fight AIDS in Africa!

Declawing is inhumane mutilation.

The opposite of cruelty free is cruel.

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Killing Gluten All Day!

Eating gluten is part of a compassionate and an environmentally conscious diet. Vegan and gluten free shouldn’t be associated with one another.


If you’re among the very small percent of Americans that have celiac disease or you’re gluten intolerant you should avoid gluten. There is some evidence that diets high in gluten may cause weight gain so if you have weight issues maybe you should reduce your gluten intake? Most everything is bad for you in excess and will cause weight gain. Beware that many gluten free products have less healthy substitutes.

I find it disappointing when people promote vegan and gluten free diets hand in hand. For most people going vegan is a great challenge – why make it more difficult by connecting gluten free and veganism? In terms of health it would be better to promote going high-fructose corn syrup free, go tobacco free, go crack free!

People go vegan because they’re smart and they were able to think for themselves but I believe by going gluten free they’re just following a trend. Think for yourself.

Here are a couple of sources on gluten: WebMD The Truth About Gluten and Women’sHealth Is Gluten Bad for You? (As Tupac would say -hell na it aint!)

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Shredded organic tofu braised with chipotle chilis, roasted poblanos and a blend of aromatic spices!

Black beans, Sofritas, and Fajita Vegetables

Black beans, Sofritas, and Fajita Vegetables

On February 12 2013 Chipotle began test marketing Sofritas at seven San Francisco and Bay Area locations.

[June 2013 Update – in April they expanded it to all Northern California locations and now it’s in all California locations!]

If you live anywhere near the locations below please support this option as often as possible. I’m ordering Sofritas four to five times a week as long as it’s being test marketed.

Sofritas in tacos

Sofritas in tacos

San Francisco:

  • 525 Market Street
  • 121 Fourth Street
  • 126 New Montgomery Street

Bay Area:

  • 2019 Chess Drive San Mateo
  • 251 East 3rd Avenue San Mateo
  • 180 El Camino Real Palo Alto
  • 135 El Camino Real Millbrae

Don’t live in San Francisco? Well you should move here. We’re the capital of the environmental movement, the gay rights movement and have one of the biggest vegan populations.

If you live in San Francisco please contact Chipotle in support of Sofritas and if you don’t please ask them to offer it in your area.

To message Chipotle click here. Contact them on their Twitter (@ChipotleTweets). Contact them on their Facebook.


You can follow me on Twitter (@ryanmoore) and on Instagram (@vegan09).

Work every day of your life to right what is wrong. #changetheworld

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Bring Your Own Bag!

I am extremely pleased about the shopping bag fee laws – I wish bags were $1.00 rather than .10 but it’s a start. I’ve seen that the ordinance has made a big difference – since it became law most people either don’t take a bag or they use their own. Occasionally someone gets upset when they’re informed about the law and that’s very entertaining. Attention Republicans San Francisco is not the city for you – try Texas.

Get organized, stop being lazy and selfish and bring your own bag you sack of ….

SF bags

To report businesses in San Francisco that are violating the law, by not charging for bags, click here.

To report businesses in Los Angeles County in violation click here.

To report San Jose businesses in violation email: bring-ur-bag@sanjoseca.gov.

To report Marin County businesses call 415-473-7888.

For a list of other cities and states with bag laws click here.

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